Tuesday, April 23, 2013



     It's a cold, rainy night out on Gerstad Road,  seven miles outside of Alsace....Trina Boronsky opens her eyes. She'd lost control of her Santa Fe trying to make the turn at the Wister Sanctuary intersection, and the vehicle had rolled, winding up on its side partially down a slope, probably leading to the Carmine River. Trina was  stunned, though unhurt, but stuck in her seatbelt. She had no idea how far down the bottom of the ravine was, and her six year old daughter was crying from  her car seat in the rear.

     Suddenly, the SUV shifted, and Trina gasped in fear, thinking that they were about to plunge into the shallow water below them . Instead, the car began to gently roll upright, while moving slowly backward, until it came to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

     There was a gentle tapping at the window....Trina saw a man smiling in at her, a pale-faced
gentleman with brown, widow-peaked hair, cut close, and shining green eyes, dressed in a black suit and trench coat, with a wide-brimmed fedora, also black, cocked on his head. Trina rolled down the window.

     "Are you all right?", the man said to her, his voice very deep, but pleasant, even kind. "Yeah, I think so, but my daughter's crying in the back-"

     "Don't worry, 'Shade'll look at her," Trina noticed a slim, exotic looking woman, also garbed in black, opening the rear passenger door. "That's Nightshade, a friend of mine, and they call me Moonhawk. We came to help."

     "How'd you know-" "  I don't even know if I could explain, other than to say we know when we're needed. Do you hurt anywhere?"

     "I've got a bump on my head, from when we rolled over, but I think I'm okay; it's Megan I'm worried about."

      "I'm okay, Mommy....I was scared, but I'm okay", came a little voice from behind. Trina looked into the rear view mirror, and saw Megan, smiling, entranced by the glowing shapes  Nightshade was drawing in the air with her finger. She laughed along with the child as the shapes danced, as if to unheard music.

      In the distance, the sound of a siren drew closer. "That'll be the ambulance, " Moonhawk said,"I know you feel fine, but we'd like you to wait here, and let them examine you and Megan, okay? We're gonna head back into town."

     "Thank you, both of you," Trina said, "you may have saved our lives tonight."
"Ma'am, it's like Darkside said, when he was on tv; in addition to everything else, we're your neighbors, and we're just doing what neighbors do-look out for each other. . You two have a good night."

     "Bye, Megan," Nightshade said, waving to the little girl. They wafted skyward, and were soon lost against the stars, as the EMS vehicle pulled to a stop.  

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