Thursday, April 25, 2013


     It's a little after nine in the morning, and I'm sitting in the kitchen, trying to eat my breakfast, read the "CONFIDENTIAL" file that Tony copied for me,  and keep Dougie away from both of them-his breakfast is over by the sink, but he seems to want scrambled eggs and coffee instead. Also, he's always thought that any reading material brought into the house is either (a) something for him to play with, or (b) something that diverts attention from him; this morning, he seems playful, and his usual starving.

      Finally, I carry him to the back door, and plunk him outside....usually, he gets the hint, and goes to patrol the neighborhood, climbing back in through the bedroom window if it's open, or yowling outside it if it's closed.

     Finally.... I pour another cup of coffee, and open the file. There's not a lot there, and a lot of what is there is of the "we haven't a clue" variety.

     I skip the M.E.'s photos-breakfast, after all- and start reading a sheet devoted to the(observed) physical attributes of Legion members. Strength-wise, they seem to be about twenty times stronger than the average adult human, and evidently almost imposible to harm-bullets fired at them just hit, flatten, and drop to the ground, as if the kenetic energy was absorbed by the target. They can fly,  teleport, and project destructive energy from their hands. They've been seen to ignore fire, and aren't harmed by any of the things that traditionally work on creatures that look like them; they DO resemble vampires, after all, although there's no evidence of fangs. Stakes won't penetrate them (Someone actually TRIED this.... who?), crosses, holy water, silver, nothing, although they've yet to be exposed to sunlight. Tear gas has no effect, although they breathe. It's unknown whetgher or not they need to eat, or if they absorb cosmic rays, or something, no one sems to know yet.

     There have been confrontations between the Legion and police, although they refuse to retaliate against officers, or citizens who aren't breaking the law.. In one instance, an officer attempted to arrest a female Legion member....she allowed him to handcuff her, then she laughed, and vanished, leaving the cuffs to drop to the floor, still locked shut. Unofficially, the APD has taken a "hands off" stance with them, perhaps to keep from ti8cking one of them off, and causing someone to get hurt.

     Outside of what some might call, "wholesale murder", the Legion hasn't done anything illegal; their activities can be seen as "citizen's arrests",  although of a most unusual nature. They've even turned criminals over to the cops, or encouraged them to turn themselves in. Also, they've rescued people from accident scenes, burning buildings, and assaults.

     No one knows what to make of them, or what to do about it once they do. Me, I'm pretty sure they're not here to take over, or turn us into cattle, or anything else you might see on "The X-Files"....maybe they're here as a response to the violence and crime we see these days-they seem almost a wish-fullfilling action; no doubt a lot of people would like to go out and take on the bad guys. From what Darkside said, Legion members were crime victims themselves.

     One thing I AM sure of, is they're not angels; the Scriptures are clear on that, and this isn't the sort of thing angels do. Also, angels aren't people, and never were, where the Legion claims to be made up of what were once regular people.

     Of course, there's some who were angels, who rebelled against God's  rule, and got kicked out of heaven, who fool people by changing form. They would lie about who they were, and why they were here.
Thing is, other than, "we're here, deal with it", the Legion hasn't really said much about itself.

     They keep doing what they're doing....crime hasn't stopped, although it's gone down a bit. I'd like to meet one of them, sometime.

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