Monday, April 8, 2013


     It's evening, I've fed Dougie and myself, and I decide to relax in front of the tube-COZI is showing "Banacek", then "Castle" comes on another station.

     Just after the main credits start showing, my screen turns white, then another picture comes in; either it's the guy Jerry ran into, or a close relative. He's pale, with white hair down past the collar of his cape, or cloak, I should's got a cresent collar, like Dracula's, it's black, and I've got the feeling it reaches to the floor.  What I can  see of the rest of his outfit is also black. 

     I click my remote, and he's on the next channel, too, and the next-this is starting to spook me a little. 
The camera tightens on his face, and he speaks, in a voice deep, and cold, like Lake Erie in November- 

     "I am called Darkside, I am the leader of  the Legion of Night, and I bring a message. 
For far too long, the predators of society have ruled, making decent citizens fear to walk the streets, and feel unsafe in their own homes....we are the solution. We are taking the streets back, and returning them to the citizens.

     "Those who live honest lives have nothing to fear from us, for we are your protectors. Those who serve the law also need not worry-we will not harm you, for you cannot harm, contain, or stop us. 

   "To those who feed upon the innocent, notice is served....If you persist in your ways, we will find you, and we will destroy you, as you've destroyed the peace and reassurance of the decent citizens of this nation. 

     "Every city of fifty thousand  or more has a Team assigned to it.. We live among you, until we are called into action. We each know what it is, to have the knife at our throats, the boot upon our necks, and we will be out there, in the darkness, making sure you are safe.

     Tomorrow, each host city will find a gift, a gesture of good faith, from the Legion, to demonstrate that we are who we claim, and will do what we say.  

     "Sleep well, for we are on watch."

     Just like that, he's gone, and the regualrly-scheduled program is on. I'm praying, because a chill just walked on heavy tiptoe down my spine.

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