Saturday, April 13, 2013


      It's past midnight, and Tenth Street is quiet, except
for the rundown building in the middle of the eighteen hundred block. The Pendragon Arms had been a nice-but-affordable address once, but over the years it gradually decayed, along with the neighborhood, until the Tenth Street Kings became the sole tenants.

     The residents around the Pendragon didn't know how  the lights and water stayed on, nor did they dare to ask- the Kings liked their privacy, and unless you were a member (or a customer) you weren't welcome.

     Inside, there was a party going on, moving in and out of various apartment spaces in the five story building, while drugs and young flesh were sold on the first floor. No one, not even the cops, sought to disturb the scene; there were too many Kings, and far too many guns. The gang numbered about fifty regulars, plus almost as many reserve members and wannabees, spoiling for something to do

     Rik-Rik and Cheeseburger were on the front stoop, guarding the entrance. No one got past them without an okay from the lieutenant slouched in a chair just behind them, a forty clutched in his hand, which he swigged from periodically. He knew the local crackheads by sight, and hotties were always welcome, like the two  hos that had just entered. Looking to party, and not too bad looking, one white, one black, about sixteen or so. He waved them in, reaching out to grab the rear of the snowball as she passed him.

     Two minutes later, the air was split by a scream of pain. The War Chief, Otis, came flying out of the door, howling in agony, a hand clamped over his smouldering crotch. Before he could cross the yard, a bolt of blue fire struck him between the shoulder blades, dropping him in the dirt, a smoking hole in his back.
 Gunfire erupted as the three Kings out in front raced into the building, to confront a scene of horror....

     The two girls were gone-in their places were two dark women, dressed in black, with burning eyes and pale faces, even the black one, long hair whipping as they moved swiftly, bringing death to all they faced.
The darker, ashen-faced one grabbed a banger by the neck, snapping it in one motion, while her paler companion fired a blue bolt of flame from her outstretched right hand, blasting a hole in the chest of a shotgun-toting King. Bullets tore their clothing, but had no effect on their flesh-it seemed to close right after the wound opened, the bullets just dropping to the ground. Young women ran from the carnage, unmolested by the two Valkyries, who left a swath of blood and burnt flesh in their wakes.

     Rik-Rik fell, his skull crushed by a pipe thrown by one of the women, and the lieutenant burst into flame, his entire body wreathed in blue fire almost instantly. Cheeseburger turned to run, but suddenly, the ashen-faced woman was between him and the door, her eyes riveted on his face, a feral smile stretching her lips, as she raised her hand, glowing palm extended ....

     Cheeseburger's last thought was "Momma!"

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