Tuesday, April 16, 2013


     In the movies, retired cops have a network of friends who get them into crime scenes, bring them files, evidence, and call them with information. For me, being a retired cop got me a seat in Tony's car, while he checked out the King's former headquarters 
     From what he told me,  I'm just fine with that.
"They were all dead", he said to me, his face ashen and sweaty, "some torn to pieces, some with holes blasted through their bodies, others burnt like weenies too long on the grill....never seen anything like this!"
He was buckling in as he said this, like he couldn't wait to get away from this place. "What....who could kill that many people like that?"

     "Those folks from the tv last night, " said me, "they said they were sending a message....looks like they did. The Legion of Night....sounds like something out of a comic book. Were there any witnesses?"

     "A girl, she was there partying with the Kings. She wasn't hurt, but she's hysterical, no wonder; she says two other girls who were there turned into vampires or something, and started whacking everyone in sight-she ran up a flight of stairs,  climbed out a second-story window and ran  until she was stopped by a blue-and-white responding to all the gunfire. She's at St. Peter's, up on 4-D, probably tranked up to her hairline; I almost wish you still drank, Wish-I could use the company."

     "Tony", I said, "what you need is to go home, hug your wife and kids, and get some sleep-Marge is probably already wondering what you're gonna be like when you roll in."

     "And what are you gonna do?" "What good Baptists always do-have a talk with my Pastor, and something to eat, preferably at the same time."

     "Tomorrow, she may be able to tell us more," said Tony, "I can probably square it for you to come along, if you want...."

     "Let me know if it's okay," I told him, "there's something about this that intrigues me, and creeps me out at the same time-yeah, I want to go."

     Inside, I'm praying, Lord, let me be of help, if I can; there must be a reason why I'm involved.
I headed home, to a silent apartment, and an allegedly starving cat.

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