Wednesday, April 17, 2013


      I open the tent flap....the boys are still sleeping, which means they heard nothing....good.
I'd snatched Mr. Snyder from his tent, and carried him deep into the woods- they'll probably never find what I left of him.

     He didn't recognize me, but then I'm a lot older than I was when he brought me into these same woods, and used me for his sick pleasures, and I change a bit at night, these days.

     Snyder couldn't scream, because I'd seared his mouth shut before I got started. I brought along his bag of toys, too-he was probably just moments away from enticing one or the other of these boys into his tent, to spend a horrible night of pain, shame,  and secrets.

     No more-Snyder's roasted his last weenie.
The older boy, about eleven or so, opens his eyes, and says to me, "wh-who are you?"
"I am Raven", I tell him, as he takes in my black and red costume and cape, " and I'm here to take you home".

     "What about Mr. Snyder?", says the boy, whom I discover is named Trevor, "he drove us out here to camp overnight-" " Mr. Snyder is gone; he's not coming back," I say, "but I've got the keys to his car, and I'll drive you and your friend- "Stevie!" up pipes the smaller boy, awake and smiling at me; judging by his Avengers t-shirt, he's a Marvel fan. "Are you a super-hero?"

     "I....guess you could say that, " I reply, although I'm sure the police would have other names for me.

     "Isn't Raven a girl's name?", asks Trevor. "It can be, says I, "but in this case, it's my name".
"You guys, get your stuff together,  and we'll be on our way. We can stop for ice cream on the way back, if you want-we go right past Brenda's Creme Corner coming into town".

     The vote's unanimous, and twenty minutes later, we're rolling northeast toward Alsace, singing about bottles of beer on the wall.

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