Friday, April 19, 2013


           Pastor Mike and I agreed to meet at Miz Susie's for lunch; it's a storefront soul-food place downtown just off the main drag on Seventh Street. He's my pastor, and one of the on-call Chaplains for the A.P.D. We've known each other since first grade, and, in addition to saving souls, Mike still plays a mean set of drums, and can still slam the rock into the hole. His four kids are like the ones Linda and I never had, and I'm almost as much in love with his wife, Debbie, as he is-I introduced them after she and I discovered we were better as friends, just after high school. He led me to Christ, and he and his church took me in after Linda went Home.

     The lunch special was pan-fried pork chops, with sides, and we both ordered it enthusiastically, mine with green beans and mashed taters, and double corn on the cob for Mike. It came quickly, and we laid into our plates like good Baptists do, thanking Him for the food, Miz Susie, and a working set of taste buds.

     Over Mike's shoulder, I could see Miz Susie, all three hundred pounds of her, waltzing around the kitchen like Astaire squiring an invisible Rogers, stirring, turning, shaking skillets, tasting, and ruling over the eight daughters  who made up her kitchen / wait staff.

     We'd thoroughly demolished our lunches, and were on large portions of peach cobbler, a'la mode, and coffee when the conversation got serious.

     "So....what d'you think this is about?" "To be honest, Wish, I dunno; the Scriptures say that, when innocent blood is shed, it must be answered in blood, and despite what some say about that being "only Old Testament", Christ said He wasn't there to change a jot or tittle. I'm in favor of capital punishment, and I don't doubt that these people the Legion has killed have  bloody hands, but I can't help but wonder who-or what- they are, and what their agenda might be."

     "Do you think they're human?", says I.
Well", Mike says, "according to the one who made the tv broadcast, they are; you remember he mentioned that some of them, at least, had been crime victims themselves."

     " can they do the things they do?"
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think what you're really asking is, 'are they of God'? I don't have a clue. They may be something that the Lord is allowing, for His own purposes."

     "Y'know what gets me", I told him, "is the fact that they're like you and me during the day, at least they look like regular folks. One of them could be in the restaurant here with us, and we'd never know. "

     "Your point being....?" said Mike, smiling across the table at me, his Jamacian / Irish features beaming, "Don't forget, they are in need of a Saviour, just as we were. In fact, there's nothing that says that at least some of them might already be saved."

     I gulped down some of Miz Susie's excellent coffee, chewing on that.

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