Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     Around the world, people discuss, debate, even argue about the Legion of Night. As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, one thing does become clear....

                                         THE LEGION IS HERE TO STAY.

     Law enforcment officials complain about "vigilante justuce", while a Cleveland cop thanks the midnight guardian who stopped a bullet meant for him.. Sociologists decry the alleged negative effect the Legion has on the inner city, as an East L.A. mother weeps tears of joy, holding her infant, safe, after she and her child were saved from a firey death by a flying woman in a black dress.

     A father, laid off and desperate, decides to rob the liquor store not far from his Dallas tenement, but is stopped by an eerie cowboy, black on a black steed, who snatches the gun from his hand with a glowing bullwhip, then hands him a paper bag with a thousand dollars in it, once belonging to a now-deceased drug dealer, telling him, "You get one shot at this-go feed your son."

     In St. Paul a pale Amazon embraces a tearful wife, crying with her- the water was too cold, and Firefly was too late to save her husband, who'd gone fishing on thin ice.

     An Omaha girl, who'd been saving her virtue for marriage, asks for and recieves the Touch, and rises, healed, potent, and resolved to mete out justice to the wicked. Her assailiant lies in  the alleyway near her,
lifeless, his face a smoking, handprinted ruin.

     They may not be The Answer, but they are a response, and as crime marches on, so does the Legion. 

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