Thursday, June 20, 2013


     As winter turns to spring, the Legion Of Night remains a topic of controversy. The average man on the street, by and large, applauds them, while the leftist crowd cries, "Fascists!".Law enforcement seems to accept them as a part of the job, which for them really hasen't changed all that much-cops, non-flying, non-bulletproof, still put their lives on the line daily, as first responders have done for years.

     Gradually, a rumbling is heard from the nation's first, mainly from the more liberal lights on the Hill, then echoed by moderates-the Legion, if it indeed is made up of "our neighbors", as the phrase went, had to reveal their everyday identities to the government, and to the public. The Department of Homeland Security took up the task, calling for Legion members to register at their nearest Federal office, and for those who might know the identities of members to report them to DHS.

     The Legion's response....was no response, presumably as no one had the means to force them to do anything. Media pundits from every stripe debated the silence, but it took a man who'd created comic books for seventy years to explain it.

     "You don't need some yutz from Harvard to explain it", he said, while guesting on a morning talk show, "any kid with a comic book rolled up in his back pocket could tell you-these men and women have families, loved ones, who don't share their abilities, and who'd be at risk if the Legion members' real names were known. Besides, what does the Government need with this information, except perhaps to try to put a hammerlock on these folks?"

     "And what's this crap about children informing on their parents? We fought a WAR or two over dangerous nonsense like that, and I caution everyone watching this to tell DHS to mind their own damn business!"

     Public opinion shifted even further in the Legion's favor, once this quote hit the Internet. When polled, people called the government "extortionists", and suggested physically impossible things DHS could do to itself, and the music to do it by.

     That evening, tv screens across the nation went white once again, then cleared, to show the Legion commmander.

     "We are grateful to you, and we pledge to live up to your confidence in us. Rest easy."

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