Thursday, August 8, 2013


     Almost a year ago, the Legion of Night made their first appearances to a populace tired of seeing "the bad guys" get away with terrorizing citizens. During that time, the current Administration held its silence, despite numerous questions on "the Presidential take" on the matter. However, as this particular Chief Executive was noted for nebulous answers, no one gave it much thought, until the night of the State of the Union address, at which time the incumbent liberal unloaded on the Legion, calling upon his "fellow Americans" to protest their presence (non-violently, of course) so that the Legion  would know that they were not wanted.

     The response from most of his "fellow Americans" was a loud horse-laugh, as it should be. However, the "kill-a-baby-for-lunch" bunch, his most solid constituency, decided that this was a good excuse to dress in their finest frippery, and practice their same-sex hand-holding skills in a public venue. January 28 was chosen as the date for the nationwide protest.

     On the appointed evening, thousands of communities small and large were treated to the spectacle of irate NPR subscribers marching, some even carrying pitchforks and torches, although the Austin crowd carried papier-mache replicas of same. There was singing, sign-carrying, chants of "No JUSTICE! No PEACE!" and "Occupy NOW", perhaps from some with more zeal than focus. In Los Angeles, euphoriated celebrities gave angst-ridden, near-coherent rants abourt fascism, climate change, and their latest film projects.

     For the Legion, it was business as usual....altogether, they stopped over two hundred muggings, several dozen rapes, and assisted with three births....none of which was deemed of interest by the regular media.  

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