Wednesday, October 2, 2013


     Well, he finally said it....took him long enough.
I'll  probably never tell him, but that's what this little breakfast was all about-like I told him, it had been on his face for a while, and I'd been waiting to hear it. Ever since I first met Wish, I was drawn to him, his gentleness, his humor, even his sadness....I could understand it. Even so, I knew he'd get the words stuck somewhere south of his Adam's apple, and he might take months to finally say them.

     That's part of his charm....he's such a shy little boy, in some ways.

     I've been husband went to prison, and I divorced him while he was there, not so much because of that-I could live with that- but that he really didn't care about me, except as someone to dominate. I married him young, and I thought that's how the Bible said husbands were supposed to treat wives; he said so.

     One day, the Holy Spirit led me to read the Bible for myself, and I found out he'd fooled me-by then, he'd stopped going to church, was drunk a lot, and was getting into stuff with his brothers, selling dope, and like that. I dunno who called the cops on him, even though he swore it was me, but he was arrested, and got sent up.

     I really didn't want another man in my life, until I met Wish; I just knew he was the one. So far, I've come to the conclusion that God led me to him, him and that loveable cat. Dougie's rolling on the floor at my feet, looking up at me as if to say, "Welcome". 

     Wish is sitting on the sofa next to me, holding my hand, sorta caught up in the moment. We haven't yet set a date, but I think it's gonna be in the next six months or so.

     It'll be as formal as we can afford-the cat's already dressed for the occasion. I'm almost as in love with Dougie as I am with Wish....I've always loved cats, and this one is like an old tough guy with a heart of gold, like my Dad was.

     Dad; he tried to warn me about that jerk, but I wouldn't listen-I was so caught up in the thrill of a Romance With a Bad(Christian) Boy, and I was naive enough to believe that there could be such a thing. By the grace of God, I'm here to look back on it all.

     Dad would approve of Wish.....I wonder what he'd think of Nightwitch?

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