Friday, May 18, 2012

THE SUMMER OF '77 be free, multi-colored, and twenty-one again, riding that cosmic surfboard, existing on caffiene and attitude, racing the sunrise to rest, until the night called again....
     Nineteen seventy-seven, a year I deeply experienced, but barely remember. My friends and I roamed the streets of Lorain like euphoriated coyotes, no doubt making some nervous, but pretty much harmless. Lakeview, Big Dick's, L&K, Midway Mall, we were everywhere, into everything, generally on something.

     I have no pictures from then, thank God- my daughter has enough about me to make her laugh as it is. She thinks I'm strange as a Christian conservative of middle years-what would she think of the liberal space-captain of twenty-one?

     To all of you who shared that summer of voyage with me, I hope you came out of it at least as healthy as I did.

     For Micheal, Ivey, Bruce, John, and so many others who aren't here to read are missed.