Thursday, February 14, 2013


     I was wandering past the site, and I realized I hadn't posted anything in a,

I decided to toss in a few things, maunderings, ruminations, if you will.

I want a mile-high corned beef sandwich, and I want it NOW. Unfortunately, the library doesn't sell them, I'm broke anyhow, and by the time I scraped together the dough, I'd want something else. Besides, I dunno if they sell them here in Whitney.

Why izzit that most women who find you cute wait 'til AFTER you're married to notice?

I want a bike, which I can't ride anymore.

Are people in Government really that stupid?

One of my favorite pieces....just wanted to share it again.

I love being married; it's a much bigger adventure than I would've thought.

There are no ugly women, only ugly personalities.

From everything I've seen, homosexuals can get every right they're complaining they want, so why alter the institution of marriage?

Thank God for dogs.

The AARP is really COBRA-call in G.I.JOE!

Music died around 1989; it began to choke on its own vomit about 1975.

     The picture of Carla Ossa was purely gratuitous.