Monday, October 17, 2016



     I think he really thought he'd gotten away with it....
After all, he had money on his side, his spotless public image, a name that everyone knew, a face everyone recognized, especially those he'd hurt.

     He looks so....nothing, lying there in the snow,  as naked and voiceless as the girls and women he'd abused for so long, hiding behind privilege. Maybe it was wrong, but I hauled him out of his warm bed, and made him strip, so he'd have an idea of what his victims felt, the vulnerability, the cold-

     The terror.
He begged, he offered money, he even threatened; what would these mean to me? So many had been too afraid, ashamed to speak out, for far too long.

     He never recognized me....of course, I look quite different from the last time he saw me, when I was the one crying, begging, pleading.

     MONSTER....your day is done, and my seal is seared across your face, the face you'd make me kiss after you'd rape me. I blow you a kiss, and say those hated words, the ones you killed my kitty over, because I wouldn't say them, the words you threatened to hurt Mommy over, if I didn't say them, night after night after night....

     "G'night, Daddy."