Monday, May 17, 2010


I wonder how many kids today have a fruit tree or two in their yard? When I was little, every house on our street had at least one. We had an apple tree and a grape arbor; the apples were okay, the grapes small, hard, and good only for throwing at each other. Our neighbors had a pear tree, the fruits of which were also small and hard. The doctor's office a half block west of us had really great pears growing behind it, big, sweet yellow ones that I still sought out into my adulthood.

There were wild strawberries growing along the tracks behind our house, peach and plum trees in several yards, and cherry trees, as well. We didn't concern ourselves with issues of private property and ownership; if no one yelled at us, we figured the stuff was there for us, anyway.

Somewhere, some kid is halfway up some old lady's peach tree, preparing himself for a free, God- given feast least, I hope so.

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