Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here in Whitney, it's about 20-some degrees, with a very light dusting of snow, if any. I'm really glad not to be in Lorain right now.
I remember real winter there, like the Blizzard of '63, when we had to wait outside Boone Elementary in -20 degree weather, for the Principal to arrive. Our parents went ballistic, and school was closed the next day.
Winter's always cold there,
and I never thought much about fun in the snow, except maybe for sledding and snowball fights. We used to go to the Sanitarium on Route 58 to sled, with an occasional trip to James Day.
When I was older, I walked, hitched, and rode bikes through all kinds of and my friends were all over the place during the winter of '77-78, even though most everything was closed....the power of boredom, I guess.
We'll start getting warm again in a couple of weeks, whereas the NorthCoast will take at least another month, and probably more.
Hot coccoa, anyone?

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