Friday, December 9, 2011


I was Google-walking down Broadway a few minutes ago-masochist that I am-and I was saddened, as usual, by the number of places closed, gone forever.

Saddest of all are the missing places that sold good things to eat, many of them gone before I ever left Lorain.

SCOTTS- Right near our house, with a soda fountain, and a humungous candy counter, with bins, scales, and the scent of chocolate permeating all.

MISTER S-Fast food to die for, better than most places around today.

KRESGEES / JUPITER- Another great soda fountain, and ice-cream sandwiches made with waffles.

THE NUT HUT- Very small, but worth it.

CORINTHIAN GRILL- I bought my first steak there, at fifteen, rare, with fries, more fries, and Coke; I think I spent less than $5.

SUTTERS- According to Google, it's now in Newbury; I loved their milkshakes, phosphates (especially chocolate) and the little jukeboxes in the booths.

PICCOLO'S PIZZA- One of the things that kept me sane during the 70' and subs to die for, and it stayed open until 4 am.

FAROH'S CANDY- More flavors of ice cream than a kid could count, and chocolate out the ever-lovin' wazoo. I once ate a whole half-pound of white chocolate chunks from there; I was sick as a dog, but content.

THE FLAME- I 0nly went there a couple of times, but I loved the food.

HEILMAN'S RANCH HOUSE- I mentioned them before, but they were worth another mention; there should be a plaque downtown.

BROADWAY LANES- In the basement of the Broadway Building-tastiest, greasiest hotdogs in town.

I'm sure I missed a few, but I miss them all.

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  1. Wow! I had forgot all about Sutters. As for all the rest, I haven't had a good saurkraut ball since I left Lorain.