Saturday, November 20, 2010


The name of this entry is such because that's what we all called this particular event, due to the shape we were in for this gig.
It was September of '77 (or '78) and we were still deep into our party-animal phases. I don't know all the particulars of how Mike(McDowell) and them got booked for this show, or why they, for one night only, fused two bands together under the name "Star", but, there it was. Star was headlining, following Cobra, a Latin-jazz / rock group from Lorain, and Course of the Electric Messenger, an out-of-town fusion band.
The event reminded me of one of those Marvel Summer Special issues they used to put out, guest- starring everyone-my MOTHER was there, along with every head and Martian in the area, it seemed.
The music was great....Cobra and Course funked the place up royal, and Star blasted the wigs back on the whole crowd...a good time was had by all.
There was one unusual event....after the show, someone fell into the orchestra pit. They weren't hurt, but no one seems to remember who it was, although everyone who was there afterwards remembers it happening.
Perhaps it was me....

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