Friday, January 21, 2011


My colleague, Dan Brady, has written of Bob's a number of times, but I felt there was still room for my personal reminiscences.
When I was very little, Bob's was where Kennedy Plaza is now, a small storefront place loaded with the most wonderful aromas, and source of heavenly treats. I wasn't much for donuts then, but I fondly remember the chocolate chip cookies, big, firm, with a hint of nut to them.
When they moved to the east side of Broadway in 1963, my mother would allow me to walk the block or so from our house to Bob's to buy donuts (and cookies) on Friday nights, to be eaten while watching Ghoulardi. On cold winter mornings, a steaming cup of Bob's hot chocolate, for a dime, kept us going on the way to school.
In later years, I'd dine on Bob's chicken dinners, sometimes ordering one in the evening, and sitting at the picnic table out front to watch the blue - and - whites go through the drive through as the LPD changed shifts. I've eaten more chocolate chip cookies, glazed, lemon, chocolate, creme, and powdered donuts from there than I could ever count.
As I once remarked about my mother's cooking, I've eaten better, but these were special, part of my history, my life....part of my home.
I'd hoped to get back to Lorain in time to visit Bob's, but it was not to be; I came home four years too late.
So it goes.

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  1. Love your reminisce, Alan! I still miss that place, it was a little oasis and such a big part of Lorain. I'll bet you were sitting out front when I went in there sometimes in the evening!