Monday, January 10, 2011


Everyone has them...those events that just can't be explained, at least with the tools we have at hand. I've mentioned some of them before, and here are a few more....

My mother once got a phone call from an aunt of hers a month after the woman died.

My friend Dave and I once watched a man, in broad daylight, come down a woodland trail towards us, and vanish before our eyes.

My brother Mike had a 500 pound motor stolen from him, while it sat in the middle of a dusty yard, without making any noise, or leaving any tracks.

I once passed a man I knew on Broadway, walking, and as I came abreast of him, I got the strong scent of burned hair and flesh...I found out when I got home he'd been killed in a fire that morning.

I got a very enigmatic letter from a girl I'd known a couple of years previous...the strange thing was, the letter wasn't delivered to me, but to a friend I didn't even know when I knew her.
My cousin Pat and I once sat out on the breakwall at Lakeview Park, about three in the morning, and watched a glowing fogbank glide past us....against the wind.
I was at Library Park one afternoon with my nephew, Mike Jr., who was two at the time. I had climbed up the monkey bars with him holding onto my back, and was just going to slide down one of the bars in the middle when I felt him let go....the next thing I knew, I'd somehow managed to flip myself upside down, with my knees wrapped around the top of the bars, and I caught him before he hit the ground.
I'm sure there are explanations for things such as these....but what are they?

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