Tuesday, December 28, 2010


2010's almost gone, and I'm the same age as the year I was born, something I (and a lot of others, I'm sure) never thought I'd see.
I miss being younger, miss not aching when I walk, having parts of me not work when and how I want them to. I miss my home, not just the where, but the when; somewhere between the ages of five and thirty-five is when I truly felt the most....what?
The most free? What about all the years of drugs, and depression?
The most at peace? I had my first suicidal thought at ten, and many afterwards.
The most content? I wanted so much, without knowing what it was I truly wanted.
My life was not horrible, compared to many, and I enjoyed a lot of it....this blog is a record of some of that. However, while I'm waxing nostalgic, I need to keep in mind certain things....
It's only by the grace of God that I'm still here, alive, sane, and healthy, certainly not due to my own efforts.
My time will not end when it ends here....I have a blessed eternity to anitcipate.
Even in the turmoil of this life, I am blessed.
2011 is nearly here, and Lord willing, I will be, as well.

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