Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We've got a drive-in here in Whitney, a Sonic, where you pull in in your car, and a smiling young lady on skates brings you your meal. It's okay, but nothing like the places we had when I was little.

Lorain had several drive-in restaurants back then, all long gone. There was The Hoop, which had three outlets in Lorain, one on Kansas Avenue, as you came off the 21st Street Bridge on the east side, another at the corner of West Erie and Leavitt, and one on Route 254. The Big Dipper, my personal favorite, was at the corner of Colorado Road and Kansas Avenue. There was one in South Lorain, on Pearl Avenue, the name of which escapes me.
There's a Dog-N-Suds on 254, but to be honest, we didn't go there that late as 1975, as far as I know from personal experience, they had a habit of serving whites before blacks, even if the blacks were there first. The ice cream stand in South Amherst had the same problem.
Still, I loved the drive-ins, the cool trays that hooked to your window, the girls with their smiles and ponytails, and the great food; my favorite meal then was a footlong, catsup only, fries or french-fried mushrooms, and a chocolate shake.
Ahhhh....Sonic, you are SO close....

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