Monday, May 23, 2011


June will soon be here, and I found myself thinking about that most cherished of public school elements, summer vacation.

In Lorain in the 60's-'70's, we got out in June, generally on the Friday of the first full week, and were gone until the Monday after Labor Day. It never seemed long enough for us kids, even though we were anxious to see what our new class (and new teacher) would be like.

The anticipation was murderous- some of us would make countdown calendars in May, to tape to our desks, X-ing out each day at 3:30, up to that very last day, marked with a drawing of the sun....we always got out at 2:30 that day.

Schoolwork that very last week was generally light, as the grades were already in, and everyone was a-twitter, waiting on that final Report Card. Even though I knew I'd do well, I can't remember being so wound up over anything since.

Here's to Summer Vacation, and to all the students, everywhere.

(NOTE: A thank-you to Dan Brady, for providing me with an excellent copy of a Lorain, Ohio Report Card from BITD.)

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