Thursday, June 2, 2011


Back in '74, the Fabulous Techniques had a gig at the old Moose Lodge building in downtown Lorain. We got down to the lodge, and moved all the band equipment up in the elevator, except for Mark Leach's organ, which wouldn't fit. After some conferring, it was decided that Mark, Mike,

Nate, and I would tote the organ up the fire escape to the third floor. The janitor had left the third floor fire escape door open; this opened onto the auditorium where the dance was to take place. So, we started hauling the organ up the fire escape.

This organ weighed in the neighborhood of eight hundred pounds, minus the amp, which had gone up with everything else. The four of us had manhandled the bloody thing about halfway up the fire escape when we heard a loud screeching noise, and felt a shifting beneath our feet-the stairs were unbolting themselves from the outside wall!

We four looked at each other, took fresher grips, and RAN up the fire escape, never stopping until the organ, and we, were safely ensconced in the auditorium.

Ah, youth!

(FTR: that's a picture of Mark, not me.)

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