Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Someone e-mailed me recently, to tell me how much they enjoyed POINTING THE CANNON, and to remind me of someone they knew, who spoke quite highly of me in the past.

Flattered though I was by this, I've no recollection of the person in question, although I'm certain the individual was as advertised.

I'm fifty-five-point six years old, the same age as Disneyland and other things a lot better known than me, and some stuff don't work like it used to....my brain, 4-X.

An older post shows a photo of a bunch of kids enjoying a birthday party....except for myself and my two younger brothers, I dunno who these kids are, or even whose party it is. As much as I may think otherwise, entropy is creepin' up on me, and bits of my personal history are droppin' off like the little bits from an EC Comics walking corpse.

Sure, I'm not the only one, but I'd hoped it would wait a bit, like another fifty years.

Maybe that's why I write this blog....so that when the brainbucket is naught but cobwebs, I can re-read it, and capture some of it back.

Perhaps it helps you, as well.

Lord willin', I'll be here for a bit, regaling one and all with stories of Lorain, and of me.

Say hi to everyone.

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