Monday, August 1, 2011


There were people who knew me, BITD, who thought that "Funwell" was my surname, because they heard me called that so often.

Actually, the nickname was bestowed on me back in '76 by Mark Leach, during a get-high session attended ny myself, Mark, McDowell, and Nate, at Nate's apartment.

The discussion centered, at that point, on my proclivity for doing strange things to trip people out....I certainly wasn't the only one in the group to do so; 4-X, Terry did Curly-spins in a crowded restaurant one evening, complete with "Wub-wub-wub" sound effects. However, I was the one to do such things the most.

One of my favorites was "Judo for one":....I'd grasp my left wrist with my right hand, and with a mighty "HAI!" seem to flip myself to a crashing finish on the floor. I'd do all kinds of things, sing off-key, throw non-sequitur statements at people, hadda be there.


I guess because I was lonely, uncomfortable in social settings, and this behavior afforded me a measure of control. Also, I was accepted as a "trip" sorta person, easy to get along with, non-threatening, fun to have around.

No one calls me "Funwell" these days, and I'm glad. Y'see, no one expects a Funwell to have any depth, signifigance,or even feelings, just to be "on" constantly, and entertain. In reality, I was unraveling like a cheap sweater, and nobody knew it, not even me.


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