Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The shadows are getting longer, and any moment, the streetlights are gonna come on, as always, and the Grone Folx will make us come in....

Everyone hid real good; haven't found anyone for a while.

A LONG while.

It's probably time to call them in....


C'mon, guys, come in-

Kent Wallace, Marva Blakely, Shirley Sanchez, Ivan Harrell, Phillip Camera, the Catalanos, Julian Mykita, Nellie Pyatt, Jose Lopez, Mark Schultz, Debbie Hartman and her brothers, Barbara Carter, Terry Ross, Terry Smith, Terry Rivers, Tim Trigillio, Brad Fabrisio, Pam Hunt, Levi Springer, Tommy Harris, Marlene Velez, Kathy Box, Ronald Stavesky, Dean Tressel, Raymond Santiago, Hope Moon, Anna Gilbert, The Charltons, Theodore Graham, Willie Miller, Arlene Hagen, Marnina Burnett, The Reeses, Gloria Cyprian, Alan Ceol, Marty Buckosh, Raymond Jackson, Zeno Inchauregi, Nadine Victoria Jackson, Connie Clark, Lois Kringle, Billy Wallace, The Stevenses, the Epifanos, Karen Patrowski, Micheal McDowell....



  1. Hey Alan, I'm from Lorain too. You were a couple of years younger than me, but I remember you. Anyway, I recognize a couple of names that I believe have passed on. Both Levi Springer and Tommy Harris; not good news but at least it's an update.

    I just discovered your blog this week in a link from Dan Brady's blog. You are a wonderful writer and your honesty is refreshing.

  2. Glad to see you on the journey with me.
    I'd heard about Tommy Harris a few years ago.
    Thank you for the compliment.

  3. Some of you have turned up on Facebook; HI!