Friday, September 2, 2011


Right off the bat, I'm sure there's folks who'd disagree with me, and they're more than welcome.

Here it is....


Now, I went to Clearview for most of my high school time, and I STILL thought that AKHS was the coolest.

I guess it's just a "me" thing.


Most of the kids I went to grade school and junior high with ended up at King, so that's gotta be part of it. I was a King student myself, from November of '71 to May of '72, when the fine folks at Children's Services decided I needed some more time away from home, and sent me to Hawthorne Hills School, mentioned previously.

King, at the time, was THE place to be-if you were into all the things the youth movement was going to bring about, if you were tired of kowtowing to the Man, if you were a young, ignorant, selfish, arrogant, overaged brat who wanted to eat, sleep, drink, smoke, and f___his way through life, King was where it was at.

Don't get me wrong....there were hard-working , level-headed students there, too-we just didn't notice least, I didn't.

The food was good, too....they had a speedline, that always had burgers and fries, which made perfect sense to me. Most everyone I knew there were kids I'd known since first grade, and they thought I was okay, rather than the attitude I got from other students at Clearview.

I loved the place, perhaps for the wrong reasons, but I felt at home there....a rarity for me.

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