Thursday, September 15, 2011


My cousin Todd got in touch with me recently; it's been thirty years since we've seen each other.

He's three years older than me, and when we were kids, he was like my big brother, letting me hang out with him, teaching me things, even getting me in trouble sometimes-I remember when he convinced me that, if I jumped off the garage roof with an umbrella, I'd float down like Jiminy Cricket....didn't exactly work out that way.

People often thought we were brothers, and I didn't mind that at all, because Todd was cool, and funny, and always had something going on; I was never bored around him.

As we got older, we drifted apart, as happens sometimes-no one's fault, just life being life, I guess. The last time I saw him was in '81, at my ma's place, Todd, his wife, and his kids stopped in to visit.

Over the years, I'd hear about him, as I'm sure he heard about me.


I'm looking forward to seeing him.

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