Thursday, March 31, 2011


Every once in a while, I get a taste for a good pork steak-not the ones they have here, or anywhere else, but one place....Fligner's. Big, thick, and at a price that's so low, you'd think it was still nineteen seventy-sumpin'.

I grew up going to Fligner's....heck, my family got to Lorain the year they opened, 1924, the Year of the Tornado. My grandparents shopped there, as did my mother, as did I when I moved down the street to the imfamous 1444 Broadway. Fligner's was the first store I was sent to, list in hand, to "pick up a few things" for my Ma. Mr. Morris, Kelbie, Bob, Miss Minnie, were there as I grew up, and went out on my own.

I went to school with Kel's nephew, David, who had a pet clam; he brought it to class one day, fourth grade, I think it was. My grandfather used to stop on his way home from work, and buy fruit to give us kids. Two of my aunts started their families in an apartment next to Fligner's, above the dress shop. Fligner's was very much a part of our family, and one of the few things left now.

When I went through Lorain, back in '06, Mike, Phil and I stopped in , just to see what the place was like. Kel is still in charge, his hair now white, but still greeting us with a smile and a handshake. The store is huge now, but still feels like a neighborhood grocer's, which is as it should be, I'd say.

If you can, drop by, and check out the meat counter; tell Kel Alan Hopewell said hello.

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