Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As I've said before, the Lone Ranger is one of my heroes, riding out of nowhere, giving a helping hand, then riding off into the sunset, leaving behind a silver bullet and a hearty "HEIGH-YO, SILVER, AWAAAAY!"
Through my life, there have been people, unnamed, never seen before or since, who've done something similar-showed up on camera with me, said or did something large or small that made my load a little bit lighter, and vanished into the fog, never to be seen again.
Here's some of them, INPO....
The man who bought me an ice-cream bar at Lakeview Park when I dropped mine after a bigger kid bumped into me. I was seven, and, though I wasn't crying or anything, I was upset; it was hot, and I'd only gotten one bite.
The manager at the Ohio Theatre who'd let Mike and me come in for free back in '68....I dunno if we ever thanked him, I can only hope we did.
The owner of the Puerto-Rican store on 14th Street who gave me and Mike the fancy cat salt and pepper shakers to give to our mother, after he'd seen us vainly trying to get the silver gumball to win them, night after night.
The guy in the white Camaro who picked up me and Dave that night back in '76, gave us a ride, and a thin joint of Maui Wowie that left us well-oiled the rest of the evening.
The cute girl who walked with me in the fog one night on Broadway, laughing, just being good company, until she turned west on 4th street, and disappeared into the mist.
The knockout Hispanic girl who kissed me on Nate's porch the night of his birthday party, '78; I never knew her name, and I'd never seen her there, before or since.
The church lady who called me by name as I was hitching back from Toledo, picked me up, her and her family, bought me lunch, and rode me all the way to Ma's doorstep.
The old gentleman who sketched me as we talked at Lakeview, 1977- I wish I still had the picture.
I'm sure everyone has had experiences like this....and aren't you glad?

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