Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Life often throws us curves, and some of them, suprisingly, are pretty cool.
I have a daughter now; her name is Sarah, she's nineteen, and she's one of the best parts of being married.

At first, I was really worried about how this was gonna go-would she resent me being thrust into her life, would we get along, how would she react to suddenly having a Dad? I'd taken no part in raising her; her biodad kicked her and her mother to the curb when Sarah was eighteen months old. How would this go?

So far, it's gone the way most things fits and starts, not always smoothly, but with all involved learning to trust the other.

Sarah's a unique kid, not someone I'd compare to other kids her age, not "better", just different. FTR, I like that, having grown up different myself. We tend to play a lot, sometimes enough to irritate the other, but we both know it's not about hurting feelings or putting anyone down.

I don't have a picture as yet, but I'm posting one as soon as I get one....after all, I'm a proud father.

13 Aug 11....

There's her picture; she turns twenty in exactly two weeks.

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