Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Like most of us, I grew up loving television, and so much of what I remember from my growing up I can relate to tv, when a particular show was on, where I was, etc.

In the mid-70's, I'd become an extreme version of myself, long-haired, an afficionado of euphoric substances, and a night-owl. Serendipitously enough, local television changed, almost as if to accomodate those such as myself.

Traditionally, the local affiliates signed off at about three am, signing back on at five-thirty or so. Then, like a present from the tv fairy, came all-night tv on the weekends. At first, the stations still signed off, albeit for only fifteen minutes. After a couple of months, they began to run truly all night.

Dig this....I could come toddling home at one or two, too....er....STIMULATED to go to bed, and just turn on the tv. WJKW, Channel 8, had 8 ALL NITE, or as Dave called it, "Eight 'til you cry", which generally had a double feature of cheesy horror and science-fiction, some films I'd never seen, or heard of

others, films I hadn't seen since the beloved Ghoulardi went off the air ten years before

Great stuff, serious trip. At the same time, WEWS, Channel 5, had MOVIE 5, which morphed into JANE'S All-NIGHT MOVIE for a few months. They semed to specialize in obscure, off-the-wall, el cheapo movies, like these....

Some of these films were so weird, I'd call someone, just to verify I was seeing what I was seeing.

If I got hungry, there was a wonderful pizza joint, Piccolo's, which stayed open until 4 am, and had really great pizza and subs for cheap.

Now, late night tv is generally infomercials, and there's no pizza places open that late.

Still, there ARE DVDs, and the nuker for leftover slices....

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