Monday, March 19, 2012


When Oakwood Park had a fountain?

Sliding down the pole on field trips to the fire station?

"Chameleons" on sale at the five and dime?

Watching "The FBI" late at night, and being scared when they talked about the dangerous criminals at large?

The smell of the Mister Softee truck sitting at the corner?

Finding marbles buried in the dirt?

The tunnel that opened onto Lakeview Park beach?

The Pure Oil Firebird?

The Halloween parade every October, down Broadway?

The Back-to-School Movie Show at the Palace each year?

Eski, the Eskimo, in the Journal each Christmas?

Chocolate milk from Lorain Creamery?

WELL....I do.


  1. I also remember in the 1960s (when I went to uncool Masson, heh-heh) that we used to have contests around Halloween to see whose drawings would be painted on the windows of various downtown Lorain storefronts. One year, a buddy and I got to paint ours - a nice memory.

  2. I'd forgotten about those...thanks, Dan!