Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't remember which step in AA is about making amends, but I've thought at times about apologizing for some of my youthful misdeeds whilst in angel, I wasn't.

To all the store owners who were victims of my five-finger discount policies, I'm sorry-generally, it wasn't even something I needed, but simply wanted.

To the owners of the dozens of windows I broke over the years, I've no explanation, even one that satisfies me.

To the other kids whose bikes I stole, it wasn't about you, just about me being selfish.

I once caused a power outage in Lorain; that was an accident. I once keyed a lady's beautiful car because her son wouldn't come out and fight me; that was deliberate.

To those who saw fit to throw me out of their establishments for asinine behavior, you were right.

To Sheriff Phil Stamitti, no, I didn't win the sword cane in a card game, and yes, I knew the sword was in there. When you were with the LPD, you always treated me okay, and you didn't deserve the lie.

To those people I disappointed by not trying, running from responsibility, from life, forgive me; you saw something in me that I didn't.

My best to all, and here's to the statute of limitations. BTW, is my spray-painted scorpion still on the (NW) alley wall near 20th and Broadway?

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  1. I greatly enjoy reading your blog.
    I will look for that scorpion for you and perhaps link you to some photos of what I find.