Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes, I am a Christian, and a fundamentalist, at that; basically, all that means is that I believe that the Bible is literally true, i.e. if Genesis says that everything was created in six days, I believe that...why not? We're talking about capital-G God, here.
To be a fundamentalist Christian means to believe that (A) man is a fallen creature, in need of salvation, (B) faith in Christ is the only means of salvation, not any other belief, and (C), some things are just plainWRONG in the eyes of God, and man saying that they're okay counts for nothing.
Having said these things, let's talk about what Christianity DOESN'T mean....
(A)-It doesn't mean that jews, muslims, homosexuals, etc. are going to Hell because of what they are...if they go, it's because of what they do not have, that saving relationship with Christ.
(B)-It doesn't mean that I'm to hate people. 4-X, I don't hate muslims, but I hate islam, because it's decieving people into Hell, same for mormons, jehovah's witnesses, satanists, whatever.
(C)- It doesn't mean that I'm somehow "better" than people who're not saved. I still have my sin nature, and I sin daily; we all do. The ONLY difference is that I have believed in Christ, that He is the Son of God, and God, the Son, that He came to earth as a human, lived, bled, suffered, died, and rose again, to pay man's sin debt.
(D)- I don't witness to people because I want to "force my beliefs on them", or because I hate them...I can't force anyone to believe anything. And, if I hated other people, I'd simply remain silent about Christ, and watch them trip merrily off to Hell.
Ask the Holy Spirit for knowledge, and understanding....if you're sincere, you will recieve it.

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