Friday, September 17, 2010


So sue me...I love bad cinema.

It probably stems from being exposed to Ghoulardi at the age of seven, and all the other purveyors of cinecheese that warped my young mind.

The fact that pot and bad movies go together so well didn't hurt, either.

Back in the mid-70's, on Saturday afternoon, I'd head over to Mike's, or Dave's, and we'd tune in "MAD THEATER"on Channel 43 at noon; Super-Host would run two movies back to back, along with his arch commentary about local and national government (Supe's Sivics). We'd fire up a joint or the bong, and get mellow.

At four, 43 would show another movie, generally also horror or SF; we'd raid the fridge, or walk up to the store for munchies. "STAR TREK" came on at six, and "SPACE:1999" at seven.

"THE STAR MOVIE" began at eight, and was also often a trip...we'd get lit again, and hit the streets at ten, well-buzzed and happy.
In the 80's, Lorain Twin Cinema began Dollar Night on Monday and Wednesday -we'd catch horror, SF, and action-adventure flicks, and vote amongst us as to how much of a dollar the movie was worth.
Today, of course, I can rent DVDs of really awful movies (or buy them), and I don't get high anymore, but I still love cheese...having YouTube on computer and THIS Network on TV helps.
Generally, watching these films is a solo experience these days; my friends are a thousand miles away, or passed on. However, I lift my glass to absent friends, and shout "GO GO GODZILLA!", as the Big G hits the Big T again.

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