Tuesday, September 14, 2010


They were talking on the news about another move to legalize pot in California....to be honest, I don't really have a strong stance on it, one way or another.
I smoked pot for years, the last time being about eighteen or so months ago. By that time, I wasn't smoking it daily, as I once had, or even weekly, nor was it something I felt I HAD to have. I looked at it as I look at the occasional beer I might drink, something I do once in a while, not to excess (the Bible prohibits drunkenness, not alcohol use), and I don't see it as something I'm contemplating in the near future.
For me, the fact that pot is currently illegal is the sticking point; as a Christian, I'm supposed to shy away at lawbreaking, as long as the law does not oppose the Word, 4-X, if there were suddenly a law requiring public worship to Obama, I'd defy it, privately and publicly, for worship is to be given only to God through Christ Jesus. I didn't always feel this way about it, but I'm more comfortable leaving it alone.
If pot ever becomes legal, I'd consider taking it up again, with the same self-restrictions I place on alcohol ; indeed, if it comes to overall safety, I'd give pot the edge. I wouldn't smoke it looking to fill a hole in my life (BT-DT-GTTS), but just as a relaxant. I don't crave the high, but I'm not above being nostalgic about the feeling.

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