Monday, August 16, 2010


It just occurred to me that it's been ten years since Clayton Moore died, Mr. Moore, of course, being the Lone Ranger.

I never got to meet him, although he was on my Very Short List Of Famous People I'd Actually Cross The Street To Meet, along with Captain Cousteau, Robert Duvall,Vincent Price, and Stan Lee.

Clayton Moore WAS the Lone Ranger, not just because of his portrayal of the role, or his longevity in it, but because he believed in it, and he saw the role as a gift, and as a responsibility. I'll spare the reader the usual maunderings about the lack of heroes in todays society, if for no other reason than it isn't true; there are still people out there who believe in working for a cause larger than their own just don't hear about them as much.

The Lone Ranger taught a whole bunch of us what it means to stand for something, that there is Something bigger than us that calls us to serve, and to sacrifice.

I dunno if Mr. Moore was a Christian or not, but I wouldn't be suprised to see him when I get There.

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