Thursday, August 5, 2010


No, that's not a mistake; the last time I went down Broadway, it resembled Geoff Peterson. I know there are still businesses downtown, but so many wonderful places are gone, never to return....
RUSINE'S- I first walked in there when I was twelve, and came through that door a thousand times and more, over the years. I bought comics, paperbacks, magazines, candy, and cigarettes from that cranky old guy, and I had the privilege of helping inventory the place out in '88-'89, an adventure in itself.
THE NUT HUT- Best hot cashews in town.
STONE'S BAR AND GRILL- I started off shining shoes there, and became a sometime customer in later years...always decent tunes on the jukebox, and Killians Irish Red on tap.
THE TIVOLI AND OHIO THEATRES- The looms on which many a childhood fantasy were woven; I worked at the Ohio during its last waltz, in the summer of '73.
WOOLWORTH'S- What more need be said? The same goes for NEISNER'S, and KRESGEE'S.
TWIN CITY CAB COMPANY- Alice, Cleon, and all the others were always prompt, curteous, the ride was safe, the fare never expensive, and Alice kept a white mouse in a tennis shoe on her dashboard.
THE POOL PALACE- For sheer atmosphere, I loved this place.
1504 CLUB- Yes, I knew what it was...I never got bothered there, and I knew a lot of the regulars. Besides, if I didn't want to be bothered by anyone, I'd go in, and no one would come in after me.
There are so many more, and I'm sure you have your faves.
Oh, lest we forget....
BOB'S DONUTS (1958-2005)

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