Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Once a month, we'd do what was called our "big" shopping, where we'd load up on staples and such. Back then, you had national chains like A&P, Kroger's, and such, but we usually went to the regional or local stores.

Pick-N-Pay was a state-wide chain; we shopped there a lot, especially when we lived in the projects, because it was the first store at Westgate Shopping Center, which was just across the street. Sometimes, we'd patronize Meyer Goldberg, although my mother didn't like their meat.
Quite often, we'd go to Fligner's, which is still possibly the best supermarket in the county.
Great products, reasonable prices, and it was tradition; the Fligners got to Lorain just about the time the Hopewells did, just after the '24 tornado, and our family bought from their family for years.
Short blog...going outside to play.

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