Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is kinda breaking format, as I didn't meet Tracy until years after I left Lorain. However, as this IS our first anniversary, I wanted to commemorate the day.

I have to admit, I always thought I'd wind up one of those old geezers who lives above a bar with six cats, and whose demise is discovered because of a terrible odor...never mind what the cats have been living on. What woman in her right mind would want someone like me? I'd been in relationships, but they were, in the main, perhaps best described by this exchange between myself, and a co-worker....

CO-WORKER: :"Hopewell, what do you look for in a woman?"
ME: "Black clothing, and bandaged wrists."

I met Tracy online, about four years ago, on a discussion board we both frequented. I can't say exactly when I knew I was attracted to her, but I knew there was something there, and not just on my part. Talking online became letters, phone calls (Iwas in Cleveland, she where we are now, Whitney, Texas), and eventually, a visit north, to spend two days with me; that's when the picture was taken, outside the Greyhound station in Cleveland, just before she went back.

After several months of more letters, phonecalls, and online romance, we decided we couldn't be apart any longer...I left Cleveland on 13 February of '09, arriving in Texas on Valentine's Day.

Trace and I both believe that marriage is for a lifetime, and we both realized that this was what we both were looking for. We have a grown daughter, from a previous marriage of hers, and I count Sarah as one of the blessings of this union-she called me "Dad" for the first time last night.

I think the picture says it all, don't you?

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