Thursday, July 29, 2010


I wanted a picture of the old Lorain Journal masthead, but all I can find is the current one, for the Morning Journal. As curmudgeonly as it may sound, I don't WANT the Morning Journal, but the real newspaper we affectionately referred to as, The Urinal".

The Journal was fun to read, misprints, misspellings, and all. It was an actual newspaper, not a McPaper patterned after USA TODAY. There were cool features, like "The Passing Scene", columns such as "Count Marco", "Sydney Harris", and that baron of Boudoir Cheesecake, Dr. Crane. The funnies had Flash Gordon AND Brick Bradford, not to mention Dick Tracy, The Phantom, Superman, L'il Abner, and Pogo. Frank Edward's column of the unexplained, "Stranger Than Science", graced its pages for a time. At Christmas, the front page carried the story of Eski, the Eskimo, and Mary Lee Tucker made sure underprivileged kids had a good Christmas. Heck, just reading the movie page with the ads for films showing locally was entertaining.

The only thing I ever enjoyed in the Morning Journal was "9 Chickweed Lane".

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