Friday, July 23, 2010


When we were kids, Ma took us to the barber once a month. as I remember, we generally didn't go to a barber in Lorain, rather to either Mr. Marshall's place in Oberlin, or our cousin Geneva (Gigi)'s shop in Elyria.

Personally, I loved both of them. They both had pop machines, and stacks of comic books to read while waiting. Mr. Marshall's shop was downtown, with a creek running behind it, Gigi's was a few blocks from downtown Elyria.
Mr. Marshall liked to talk, and I enjoyed getting into conversations with him, Paul, his assistant, and the other customers. At Gigi's I tended to doze off from the sound of the clippers, something I still do at times.
From the time I was fifteen until I went into the Navy at twenty, I didn't cut my hair, and I stopped cutting it again once I got out, from 1976 until 1985, when a lady friend convinced me to get it cut again; these days, I generally keep it short, although sometimes, I miss the days when it was long, and even straight, at times.
Even so, I love going to the barber; I wish Cousin Gigi's shop was still open.

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