Friday, July 2, 2010


The first one I remember was in front of Scott's 5 & 10 Cent Store, on looked a lot like this one, although it was only a dime back then.
It seemed like most stores of any size had something similar, dime horses, photo booths, machines that gave up candy, gum, and toys with the turn of a poor Ma hated to pass these things at the shopping center, but my grandfather always had pocketsfull of coins so we could ride, or play.
There used to be a machine that would make these discs with your name or whatever you wanted stamped into them; I dunno how many of those discs I had over the years, or the plastic rings, squiggly rubber bugs, and superballs I've gotten from machines...I got two superballs out of one just the other day, and gave one to my daughter, Sarah.
Dime horses are probably the first place kids run into the concept of ephemera,; it's a fun ride, but extremely brief, and when it's over, you no longer have your dime.

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