Monday, July 19, 2010


This is a message to those who, on the off chance, might be reading this, and think that I'm advocating the use of recreational drugs. I ask you to remember that these blogs cover a period that ended roughly twenty years ago...people change. However, I'm not going to breast-beat over something I really don't feel guilty about, particulary in this venue.
I don't get high anymore; I did, for around twenty-five years, and I had good times on drugs, and bad-sometimes, how the experience came out was directly affected by whether or not I was high.
The previous entry described an unusual occurrence that happened to me, and was not the only one-more'n likely, I'll write about others as this blog continues. However, even though I (and others) may have been high when some of these things happened, we were never THAT high.
So much for the sermon.

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