Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm sure that everyone wonders if kids still play the old games we used to play, or is it all PlayStation these, I think there'll be games as long as there are yards, or open fields.
Mike and I used to play two-man kickball, five outs apiece, with much arguing over who'd reached their last out. In a group, we often played Tag, Hide and Seek, and a game called Colored Eggs , which most people seem to have never heard of. Everyone but one kid, who was the Wolf, would pick a color, keeping it to themselves. We'd all be at one end of the yard, with the other end as a safe zone, as the Wolf walked around us, calling out colors. If the Wolf called out your color, you had to run toward the Safe Zone. If you got away from the Wolf, you were safe; if he caught you, you became the Wolf.
We could play outside until dinner; for most of us on school nights, that meant staying inside after that. On the weekend, or during vacation, we could stay out until dark. Except for kickball, there was rarely any equipment used, just running and imagination.
Anyone for Freeze Tag?

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