Thursday, July 22, 2010


As seems to happen a lot with people I know and love, an e-mail brought Pat to mind; that's him, holding his sister, Tammy. Pat's seven years younger than me, a year younger than my youngest brother-we really didn't start hanging out together until we were both grown.
We both love music, science fiction and horror movies, although Pat doesn't share my love of cinematic cheese...once, he threatened never to speak to me again, after showing him the film, "OCTAMAN".
We spent many hours crusing around, listening to music and talking about just about everything, sometimes going to movies and clubs...Pat's not much of a drinker, although he did like Fuzzy Navels. We went everywhere, and ran into everyone.
Pat's married now, to a girl he met years ago, while working at McDonald's. I'm happy for him...after all, he gave me pleasure of his company.

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