Thursday, July 8, 2010


Although it's not in Lorain, a trip to Cascade Park was always a treat. As a child, I loved the playground, with its corkscrew slides and sand, and riding the pedal-boats on the river. There used to be an enclosure with black bears in it, long gone-I remember throwing bread to them.
We'd hike along the trails to the waterfalls, and explore the caves behind them, with the roar of the water pounding in our ears. Even as an adult, I loved wandering down those trails, remembering good times in the past.
I was last there four years ago...Mike, Phil and I decided to ride down there. You can't drive across the ford anymore, too risky when the water's high. We wound up at the playground, and we had our picture taken there-I'm holding a bunch of balloons I found taped to a trashcan.
(Mike's got the picture, I think.)
I think my wife and daughter would love Cascade- maybe, Lord willing, we'll get back to the NorthCoast, and visit a spell.

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