Friday, August 6, 2010


I thought of a number of places after I posted the previous entry, so here they are....
LOOP NEWS- A busy little newsstand, with a unique electric cigar lighter just inside the front door.
CANE'S- I bought so many things there, everything from sweatshirts to a sword cane; my favorite army surplus store.
FAROH'S- Heaven for chocolate lovers...I remember a chess set they had in the window one Christmas, about '68, I had dark and white chocloate pieces, and the board was made of white and milk chocolate.
HEILMAN'S RANCH HOUSE- I had my thirteenth birthday dinner there, 23 December, 1968....a double cheeseburger, rare, fries, a thick chocolste shake, and a fudge sundae, all to die for.
THE BROADWAY BUILDING- We loved the bowling alley in the basement, with its greasy grilled hot dogs, and horse-race pinball machine.
D&K STORE- The forerunner of the dollar stores, D&K sold all kinds of cool stuff. I remember a hammer I bought there in '75, that I had for almost twenty years; it was made of cheap brass, was light, but drove nails beautifully, and had a series of ever-smaller screwdrivers in the handle, all the way down to one for repairing glasses.
PICOLO'S PIZZA- A must on those late 70's Friday nights-they stayed open until 4 am, and had slammin' pizza and subs.
A busy day...I must go.

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